Marie Claire Group around the world

Since 1982, Marie Claire Group has published its editions internationally, in association with the most prestigious press groups. This remarkable international development has been achieved through joint-ventures or licenses.



Today, Marie Claire Group publishes 85 editions around the world, 70 of which bear the Marie Claire brand, present in 33 countries, on 5 continents and in 18 languages. This represents 54 million copies sold yearly, and over 34,000 advertising pages. And every month, over 16 million women read us and are exposed to the concept and editorial policy that have made the French editions so successful all over the world.



Marie Claire in 34 countries

South Africa - Saudi Arabia - Australia - Belgium French Part - Belgium Flemish Part - Brazil - China - Korea - Spain - United States - France - Greece - Hungary - Hong Kong - Italy - Indonesia - Japan - Kazakhstan - Lower Gulf - Malaysia - Mexico - The Netherlands - Czech Republic - Romania - United Kingdom - Russia - Switzerland - Taiwan - Thailand - Turkey - Ukraine

Marie Claire Maison in 5 countries

Korea - France - Greece - Italy - Turkey

Marie Claire Beauty in 5 countries

China - Italy - Hong Kong - Taiwan - Australia

Marie Claire Travel in 1 country


Marie Claire Bis Shopping in 1 country


Marie Claire 2 Accessoires in 8 countries

Belgium French Part - Brazil - China - Spain - Hong Kong - Italy - Taiwan - Turkey

Marie Claire Enfants in 4 countries

France - China - Italy - Turkey

Marie Claire Fashion Shows in 9 countries

France - Romania - Korea - China - Italy - The Netherlands - Taiwan - Brazil - United Kingdom (Marie Claire Runway)

Marie Claire Idées in 1 countrie 


Marie Claire Beach in 1 countrie 


Marie Claire Style in 1 countrie 



The other international titles of the Group:

Votre Beauté in 4 countries

France - Greece - Lebanon - Ukraine

Mariages in 3 countries

France - Greece - Turkey

Look in 1 country

United Kingdom

La Revue du Vin de France in 2 countries

China - France


Marie Claire Australia awarded once again. Marie Claire Australia just won 2 prestigious awards during the “Publishers Australia Excellence Awards” ceremony : Best consumer magazine award and the most coveted one: the Excellence Award (best magazine in all categories).


Marie Claire Fashion Show in Romania and Korea. After its successful launch in France, Marie Claire Fashion Shows continues its international development with new launches in Romania and Korea. Marie Claire Fashion Shows Korea is sold with a DVD of the Spring / Summer 2012 runways. Marie Claire Fashion Shows will come out twice a year in these two countries, in December and March.
Marie Claire's involvement with Sidaction. For the past ten years, Marie Claire France has participated in the Sidaction Fashion Dinner. The gathered funds are used in the fight against AIDS. On January 26th, Marie Claire gathered around it's table prestigious guests who gave their support in helping this important cause.

Marie Claire launches a new sister magazine in Japan

Keeping its expansion going in Asia where Marie Claire already exists in 9 countries, the Marie Claire Group announces the launch of a new edition derivativeof Marie Claire : Marie Claire Style Japan.